After a recent scathing (originally incorrect but later corrected) article was posted by Evansville’s Courier & Press (found here) we determined that we have to get a handle on the misinformation that’s coming from our media. Just look at this screen capture from the original article!

Jon Webb Faux Pas.jpg

Thimerosol in the MMR? Thimerosol, a mercury-derived preservative, has never and could never be in a live virus vaccine such as the MMR! It would kill the live virus. Any journalist that wants to jump into “the ridiculous vaccine debate” better make very sure that they fact-check to be able to compete with informed parents. A few Indiana For Medical Freedom parents took time out of their day to correct him.




The writer did correct his article and did reply to one parent and said the following:

jon webb reply

VICTORY!!! Except his article still makes SB18 sound unnecessary and ridiculous, which it isn’t. Take a look at all of these pages of Indiana Schools coercing, threatening and bullying parents. Our activists took these to the Statehouse to lobby for the bill in question and they’re responsible for getting the bill proposed. Indiana Schools Obfuscates Indiana Law.

Indiana Schools, as it pertains to vaccination, are overseen by the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDOH). These schools are operating outside of the law by only making parents aware of the the first part of the law and not including the 2nd part of the law where exemptions are explained. This information is rarely made known to parents.  Indiana For Medical Freedom, a few State Senators, and countless private citizens have made multiple attempts to contact the ISDOH, to no avail. We have been ignored by ISDOH regarding this matter and so we felt that legislation was necessary. SB18 requires schools to provide written notice at registration that parents are entitled to exemptions from vaccination. See the bill here.

For this reason, we are asking you to join us in a social media storm to call attention to rampant misinformation that’s being spread by the willfully ignorant media; media who are more concerned about advertising dollars from Pharma than they are about the health and safety of our children.

There is a story here that journalist Jon Webb is refusing to cover. Instead, he has chosen to help the ISDOH to further hide the truth of the law from confused and misinformed parents. How many of us have children who were harmed by vaccines BECAUSE we were told that vaccines are required for school, and because we didn’t know we had a choice? That’s the first thing parents who are questioning vaccines ask… “But how do I send my kids to school?” The public does not know about vaccine exemptions. We NEED Senator Charbonneau to call a hearing for this bill so that we can give our testimony and let the legislature know that PARENTS NEED INFORMED CONSENT! By joining our social media storm you can show our legislators how many people in Indiana support Informed Consent and WANT this bill. As always, please be respectful in your correspondence.

Include our tinyurl link, the  photo and the hashtags in your Tweet as well as tagging Senator Charbonneau.
.@SenatorCharb #SB18 #INLegis #InformedConsent

(notice the .  before @SenatorCharb. This ensures everyone that follows him will see it also).

Here’s an example:

tweet example to charb

Use the same principles as for Twitter except also tag:
Senator Charbonneau:
Jon Webb:
The Evansville Courier & Press:

We are also asking for letters to the editor and op-eds be submitted to Evansville Courier & Press. We know it’s likely that nothing will be printed, but if you’d like to try, you can submit your pieces here.  We only have 14 more meeting days before this bill dies (1/12-2/5), so we cannot count on op-eds or letters to the editor being published before then, but it’s still a worthy cause!

If you want to Tweet Jon Webb from Evansville’s Courier & Press, his Twitter Handle is .@JonAdamWebb (Don’t forget the period before the @, so all his followers will see it). We ask that you encourage him to dig deeper and don’t forget to post a photo, link a tinyurl, and include hastags #SB18 #INLegis #InformedConsent! will link to all 47 pages of examples of school coercion. Here is a photo you can use in your tweet to support Informed Consent in Indiana as well as draw attention to the tweets. These tweets are more likely to be effective if they include our link, a photo, consistent hashtags and the tagging of an important person. Don’t forget you can retweet what others have posted.


Thanks for your help and stay tuned for further updates!



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