Car Decals available in our shop *FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

They’re $5 each and there are only 50 available for this fundraising drive which ends in ONE WEEK (Friday September 22nd at midnight EST).

Decals should be placed on a CLEAN glass surface (clean the surface with alcohol just before applying for best results). The decals are made of sticky water resistant/heat-resistant vinyl. They are easily removable but cannot be re-stuck once removed. To apply, peel the backing off the decal and stick it wherever you’d like it. then gently peel off the clear plastic top layer until all you’re left with is the vinyl decal itself. You can use a credit card to smooth it out to remove any bubbles that may form.

Goes great on the back windshield of your car, a glass window of your house, or anywhere else you’d like to display it!

Find those in our shop here: