HB 1001 Exemption Bill

On Monday January 10th at 1:30, HB 1001 will have a 2nd reading at the full House. Amendments can be offered at 2nd reading.

We are asking you to contact the House reps, and the author of the bill Rep Matt Lehman to make the following amendments.

  1. Add prospective employees to the exemptions. We have a current law that bans device implantation on prospective employees. We also need to ensure that anyone applying for a job is eligle for an exemption.
  2. Change the definition of “employer” in the bill. The bill removes “government entities” from the definition of employer. That means that university staff, public school staff, state employees, city employees, firefighters, police, etc are excluded from the exemption bill. They are supposedly covered under the vaccine passport ban, but that did not stop Indiana University from mandating it’s employers earlier this year.
    Specifically remove the line that excludes government entities from the definition of an employer. Current law banning device implantation does include government entities as employers.

The portion in yellow needs to be removed: “however the term does not include an Indiana government entity”


Dear Legislator,

I am asking you to makes amendments to HB 1001.

  1. I would like you to add prospective employers to the bill. We have a current law that includes prospective employers from mandated device implantation. We must protect prospective employees with exemptions.
  2. I would like you include government entities as defined as employers. Many current laws do include government entities as employers. By excluding government entities from being an employer, it is also excluding university staff, public school staff, state and city employees, fire fighters, police, etc from the exemption bill and no more than weekly testing being allowed.
    You can remove the line “however the term employer does not include an Indiana government entity” and that will fix the issue.

    Contact info:

Majority leader Rep Lehman Phone: 317-234-9380 Email: h79@iga.in.gov

H1@iga.in.gov, H2@iga.in.gov , H3@iga.in.gov , H4@iga.in.gov , H5@iga.in.gov, H6@iga.in.gov, H7@iga.in.gov , H8@iga.in.gov , H9@iga.in.gov , H10@iga.in.gov , H11@iga.in.gov , H12@iga.in.gov , H13@iga.in.gov , H14@iga.in.gov, H15@iga.in.gov , H16@iga.in.gov , H17@iga.in.gov , H18@iga.in.gov , H19@iga.in.gov , H20@iga.in.gov , H21@iga.in.gov , H22@iga.in.gov , H23@iga.in.gov , H24@iga.in.gov , H25@iga.in.gov,H26@iga.in.gov , H27@iga.in.gov, H28@iga.in.gov , H29@iga.in.gov , H30@iga.in.gov , H31@iga.in.gov , H32@iga.in.gov , H33@iga.in.gov , H34@iga.in.gov , H35@iga.in.gov, H36@iga.in.gov , H37@iga.in.gov , H38@iga.in.gov , H39@iga.in.gov , H40@iga.in.gov , H41@iga.in.gov , H42@iga.in.gov, H43@iga.in.gov, H44@iga.in.gov , H45@iga.in.gov , H46@iga.in.gov , H47@iga.in.gov , H48@iga.in.gov , H49@iga.in.gov, H50@iga.in.gov,H51@iga.in.gov, H52@iga.in.gov, H53@iga.in.gov, H54@iga.in.gov, H55@iga.in.gov, H56@iga.in.gov, H57@iga.in.gov, H58@iga.in.gov, H59@iga.in.gov, H60@iga.in.gov, H61@iga.in.gov, H62@iga.in.gov, H63@iga.in.gov, H64@iga.in.gov, H65@iga.in.gov, H66@iga.in.gov, H67@iga.in.gov, H68@iga.in.gov, H69@iga.in.gov, H70@iga.in.gov, H71@iga.in.gov, H72@iga.in.gov, H73@iga.in.gov, H74@iga.in.gov, H75@iga.in.gov,H76@iga.in.gov, H77@iga.in.gov, H78@iga.in.gov, H79@iga.in.gov, H80@iga.in.gov, H81@iga.in.gov, H82@iga.in.gov, H83@iga.in.gov, H84@iga.in.gov, H85@iga.in.gov, H86@iga.in.gov, H87@iga.in.gov, H88@iga.in.gov, H89@iga.in.gov, H90@iga.in.gov, H91@iga.in.gov, H92@iga.in.gov, H93@iga.in.gov, H94@iga.in.gov, H95@iga.in.gov, H96@iga.in.gov, H97@iga.in.gov, H98@iga.in.gov, H99@iga.in.gov , h100@iga.in.gov

We know that HB 1001 is not the best bill in the world by any means. It does not stop discrimination against employees, but it does ensure exemptions for most without further inquiry.

There are some jobs that are banning staff who are not vaccinated from taking breaks or eating in the building. They have to go outside in the cold for breaks. This bill won’t stop that behavior unless a case could be made that banning from taking breaks inside is an adverse employment reaction.
However, HB 1001 is going to be passed. It is better to try and get a voice in it then just let it pass along.

Other better bills like SB 30, SB31, and SB 114 were placed in the Public Health committee instead of the Employment committee. This was likely done to prevent them from competing with HB 1001 in the Employee committee, and prevent us from complaining that the Employment leader heard HB 1001 but not the other bills. The better bills were sent to die in the Public Health committee. Our Indiana Republicans continue to fail us when it comes to actual freedom. Hopefully, many will be replaced in the May primary.

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