Verizon Unvaccinated Employees Will be placed on Unpaid Leave Soon

So much talk around the mandates has been for healthcare workers. We can’t forget that thousands of people in other industries are facing harsh mandates with frequent, if not total, exemption denial.

Factories such as GE, Rolls Royce, Lockheed Martin have mandated. Many airlines and other big businesses have mandated.

Despite the court ordered hold on the OSHA/Federal mandate, Verizon is pushing forward with their mandate. They have an estimated 130,000 employees, and thousands are on the chopping block for unpaid leave. Verizon has different deadlines for departments. There are reports of exemption denial for most people.

This Verizon employee in the attached video has been fighting for freedom since the mandate was announced. You Tube removed his video, he’s only talking about freedom of choice without coercion.

I felt it was important to share his video. Many people don’t understand the level of commitment, stress, and bravery it takes to be a person who speaks up and tries to gather others to take action.

Stay tuned for further action alerts for IN. I’m in the process of gathering a script with amendment requests to the employment committee.

Additionally, I’ve also been trying to get people to ask their legislators to write a bill similar to an Illinois law that children are not considered abused or neglected based solely on vaccination status. That is already in IL law, so I don’t see why Indiana can’t do that here, especially when our DCS system has 60% higher neglect cases than all surrounding states. I’ve added that parental vaccination status can’t be used in custody and parenting time decisions. Family law attorneys have already talked about how this is going to be massive issue.

As much as I would like this parents rights bill to happen, I have been unsuccessful in getting a legislator to write it. If you can share it, and ask your legislators to author, that might help. We only have a few weeks left to get an author before session starts in January.

Due to significant illness, I haven’t been able to work as much as I wanted on this and it seems like everyone is concerned about exemptions and mandates. So this has went to the wayside.

We know medical neglect and custody issues are coming. It already happened in MN to the mother of a 5 year old hospitalized for a non covid respiratory illness. She was threatened with child endangerment for declining to allow them to give her 5 year old the covid vaccine deemed necessary for him by the hospital physician. She received an outpouring of public support, and her son is now home.

Lastly, here is the link to join Indiana for Medical Freedom on Telegram due to major censorship on Facebook.

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