Meet With Legislators ASAP!!!

Fellow Hoosiers, the time is now to stand up for our medical freedom. The Biden announcement of covid vaccine mandates and no more testing for Federal workers along with the pending OSHA rule requiring all businesses with 100+ staff to mandate the covid vaccine and force weekly tests for anyone with an exemption, has made this a now or never moment. If we can’t stop this and get protective legislation in 2022, then we may never be able to stop it. Once many people comply in order to keep their jobs, it will make us the minority. This is time sensitive for us to take action.

First of all, we can’t be complacent thinking we are guaranteed a religious exemption to keep our jobs. Federal laws allow for employers to apply for an undue hardship where they can deny exemptions based on their inability to accommodate you. With this unprecedented national mandate, we will be seeing more jobs deny exemptions. Businesses have the burden of proof to show why allowing your exemption is a hardship on them. You don’t have the burden to prove you have religious beliefs. You DO NOT have to have a leader from an organized religion sign off for your beliefs. However, it’s important for you to understand that the federal law does not guarantee protection of your job with an exemption if the employers can’t accommodate based on undue hardship and significant safety risk. Too many people aren’t taking action, because they believe an exemption will be no problem. In the past, mainly healthcare workers have been the ones with vaccine mandates, and people are used to getting exemptions in those fields. Indiana has a current state law that ensures medical, religious exemptions, and simply saying NO to the flu vaccine mandate for healthcare workers who have direct patient contact. Our state law is there to make sure that healthcare workers have exemptions protected. With the OSHA Federal mandate, industries that have never dealt with vaccine mandates are pulled in the loop, and I promise that we will start seeing many companies denying religious exemptions and applying for a hardship clause.

If you don’t believe me, please view this interview with attorney KrisAnne Hall who also alludes to and mentions the hardship clause that companies can use to deny religious exemptions.

This is the link to the Stand for Healh Freedom interview.

Also, here are some screen shots of Hoosiers talking about being put on unpaid leave when asking for a religious exemption and simply being denied the religious exemption accommodation based on “undue hardship”. The employer does need to prove that it truly is a hardship and that the person can’t be accommodated by other means including virtual work.

We have to meet with our state senator and our state representatives and demand that they provide protection for us under state law. They all refused to pass a law ensuring employee exemptions during January 2021 session, because they claimed federal law was enough to protect us, employers weren’t going to mandate, and they don’t add regulations to private businesses. Those were all bunk reasons for them to cop out and support the Chamber of Commerce and big pharma instead of the rights of the people.

State law makers will write and support legislation that
a. stops discrimination based on vaccine status
b. ensures religious and medical exemptions for all employees in the state against the covid vaccine without the undue hardship clause
c. a full ban on vaccine passports across the entire state including businesses

Meet with your lawmakers. They exist simply to do YOUR WILL. Demand they take the above actions to protect us. Don’t let them get away with lip service. Pin them down for an answer. Point blank ask them: do they support or oppose medical freedom and what will you do to support us? If not, let them know you will not be voting for them in 2022 regardless of who their opponent is. Republicans know they have us over a barrel, because right now it’s the Democrats pushing mandates. Republicans believe they can do what they want to us, because the alternative is worse.

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty has been working on doing classes for exemptions for people. I suggest you sign up to view that class. Ashley has some great information.

Ashley with Hoosiers for Medical Liberty has a call out for everyone to make these phone calls:

“Is the Indiana State Legislature denying Medical Liberty in the face of Biden’s mandates while bending to every whim of the Teacher’s Union?

The State legislature has insisted that your Medical Liberty will not be addressed because they will “only” address redistricting when going back to session next week. Yet, Thursday Rod Bray released a statement about the necessity of addressing demands from the Teacher’s union?

What has changed?

Are they brazen enough to continue ignoring you?

Make some calls today and forward this text to your friends!

Tell them: “Listening to teacher’s unions and not your constituents demand for Medical Liberty will be a costly mistake.”

Rod Bray, Senate Pro Tem

Todd Huston, Speaker of the House

Rep Bob Behning

Don’t forget to call your own Rep and Senator if you don’t know who they are text 260-286-0988 with the word: find



There is a rally Tuesday September 28 outside the Indiana State House at 11:00. Please use that day as an opportunity to set up meeting with your legislators at the State House while you are there. If they can’t meet, pop in their office and leave a list of demands with their staff. Then set up a meeting with them later to go over their thoughts.

Tuesday 9/28 Rally at the State House


You can read EEOC information here.

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