When up Against Tyranny, You don’t Take a Knee

The speech Attorney Leigh Dundas gave at a recent event is a must watch. She details the fight against forced vaccine passports in California including vaccinating kids without consent. Watch it before it disappears from you tube. The last few minutes, she shares an extremely important story about a modern human slave who stood up to her soon to be killers.

Here is her website, because Google won’t show it in a search. Even if you click on the link, it shows as unsafe with the software because they don’t want people to go to the website. They also attack her religious beliefs to discredit her…even though we don’t see them attack actor Tom Cruise in every article who has the same group of beliefs.

Here is an Alabama citizen who did not take a knee when standing against tyranny. Christopher Key is fighting against the masking and mandates.

Below is Christopher’s website with many links to information on vaccines.

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