Contact Your Legislators

Please use the link above to find your State Representative and State Senator. You should be able to get their email and phone number from their legislator pages.

We need your help to get the Worker Protection Act (exemptions for all employees) passed. Currently Indiana has laws that allow for medical and religious exemptions to vaccines for daycare, K-12, universities, and for some healthcare workers for the flu vaccines. The exemption code for healthcare workers is specific to the flu vaccine and offers a personal beliefs exemption where a person can simply say no for any reason. EVERY worker in Indiana needs to have the same exemption right, not just healthcare workers.

We need you to email both of your legislators information from news articles related to employers mandating the covid vaccine. Many employers are already mandating the flu vaccine this year. The flu vaccine is not a state mandated vaccine. There is no reason to believe that employers will not require a covid vaccine, especially if they are already requiring a flu vaccine. The mandates likely won’t happen until after the FDA gives full approval, not just emergency authorization since that is a stage that is considered experimental. Once the FDA gives approval in the upcoming months, employers will require it, airlines will require it to fly, concerts and other events are talking about requiring it, and there will be health passports that allow movement based on covid vaccine status.

In order to help you out, here is a sample letter for your legislators:

“I am concerned about the upcoming warp speed covid-19 vaccine. There has been talk of employers mandating the covid vaccine, and several news articles have been published giving information on possible employee mandates. Currently, many Indiana colleges started to require staff to receive flu vaccines. There is no reason to believe that they won’t do the same for the covid vaccine. The universities are offering exemptions for the flu vaccine, but it woud be best to add exemptions to Indiana state code to ensure this continues. Please support the Worker Protection Act which is an upcoming workers’ rights bill that ensures all employees will have exemptions to vaccines when it comes to employer mandates. The Civil Rights Act prevents religious discrimination, however some employers do not appear to be familar with this. IU Health has been sued in the past regarding denial of religious exemptions for the flu vaccine. Having a clear Indiana code related to exemptions for employees will help prevent lawsuits.”

Here are some links to various news sources reporting on the possibility of employer covid vaccine mandates:

Below is the link to sign to support the Worker Protection Act. There are over 1000 people who already signed to show they want this bill passed.

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