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Please send your email to the encrypted

The Facebook page for Indiana For Medical Freedom has had a significantly low reach since the end of November/beginning of December. Facebook required the admin to verify identity using the excuse that our page had a large reach and Facebook needed to make sure I was who I said I was. Shortly after verification was completed, Facebook reduced the page reach, also known as shadow banning. Usually one of our average posts would reach about 400-600 people. Popular posts reached over 1000. It was not abnormal to have a monthly reach total of 10,000. Now each post is averaging a reach of about 90-150 people. If it gets up to 300, that’s a lot. The Facebook page is no longer the best point of communication with people interested in medical freedom.

There are over 1000 subscribers to this website, but we don’t have subscribers emails.

Please send your email to the encrypted

You may also add your county and/or zip code so we know what region people are in.

I will make an email list based off what people send me to keep in contact if this website goes down for some reason. I am also working to collaborate on a national project that will require emailing supporters. Proton mail is a free service that gets people away from Google or MSN accounts and also offers a VPN. I would encourage others to sign up for an email account with Proton mail if possible, but whatever email account you want to use is fine.

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