Support Attorney Alan Phillips

PLEASE HELP. We need all hands on deck to help save attorney Alan Phillips, one of the few exemptions attorneys in the country. We cannot stress how important it is to help this attorney. If we lose the few attorneys willing to stand up for truth, then we could all lose. Alan has given so much to help people. He is being investigated with a “fishing” request for all of his clients’ files by the NC board, so they can search to find any kind of wrongdoing to catch him even though there are no charges. The board does not have any wrongdoing charges against him at this time, but it seems they are looking to find to get him on. This is somewhat similar to what happened with Dr. Sears and the California board. Alan, and others, have filed complaints against the NC board. That means the board needs to have an independent investigation since it is a conflict to investigate someone who has filed a complaint against them. The NC board is refusing to have an independent outside investigation done. It appears they don’t want any outsider looking into their actions.

Please click the link from the Ohio group, and sign the letter being sent to complain about the board’s actions and demand an independent review. It is so easy, just your name and click. The letter is already written out for you. Also here are the phone numbers of agencies to call and request an independent review of this matter. This contact information is also found when you click the link below


Please call the three numbers listed below. Talking points can be found in the link listed, but here is a brief synopsis of the listed points to say when you call:

“For at least the past two years, and after an inability to identify any evidence of wrongdoing, the Bar has filed a lawsuit against Mr. Phillips in a fishing expedition to get client files and somehow justify their otherwise unjustified pursuit of Mr. Phillips’ license to practice law. My understanding is that Mr. Phillips has filed several complaints, requesting that an independent review look into the State Bar’s actions in this matter. The board has failed to address those complaints. I respectfully request that you immediately pursue an independent review of the Bar’s actions in this matter, and withdraw the lawsuit against Mr. Phillips until such review is complete as it seems that the board is harassing due to his specialty.”

Directly contact the NC State Bar Director
Executive Director Alice Neece Mine
North Carolina State Bar
217 East Edenton Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

Directly contact the NC Attorney General
Attorney General Josh Stein
9001 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699

Directly contact the NC Governor
Governor Roy Cooper
20301 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699
Email the Governor

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