Hoosiers Have Grave Concerns with Conflicts of Interest In Their Statehouse

“The Pharmaceutical Lobby Owns Our Statehouse”~Marcella Piper-Terry

In a 35 minute presentation given by Marcella, in Sonora, California on February 16, 2017, Marcella reveals that for nearly 50 years the FDA has had concerns about aborted fetal DNA, tissues and cells in vaccines that are on the recommended CDC vaccine schedule for babies and children. FDA concerns begin around the 21 minute mark .

At around the 29 minute mark, former Indiana State Senator, Patricia Miller’s face appears in the presentation under the words, “Hypocrisy Much?”, .


Marcella goes on to illustrate how hypocritical two pieces of Indiana legislation were and how many of our representatives voted in favor of both, and encouraged everyone to check out their legislators voting records and their campaign contributors. This writer would encourage you to ALSO look into organizations your lawmakers are affiliated with because…

These two…


are members (note: Senator Patricia Miller has retired) of Women In Government (WIG). WIG is an elite, lady lawmaker group, heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry.


Sponsors “scholarship” our lady legislators on all expense paid conferences, where they are wined and dined and “educated” by their sponsors at 5 star hotels and resorts, several times a year. They return and often write egregious legislation, paying no mind if it usurps the rights of their constituents.

Most states have WIG state Directors. The two pictured above are two of Indiana’s WIG State Directors. You can find your state’s WIG State Directors for 2016 here. At the time of this blog post, the 2017 roster is not yet posted on the WIG website. It’s unclear if it will be. The 2017 WIG State Director information can be found   Minus the actual list of their 2017 roster.

In January 2016 the WIG State Director’s Conference was in Tampa. It was then that  presentation took place.


“Vaccine Wars”? At least they declared it. We’ll simply answer to it, starting with a question. Does this look like a MILLION DOLLAR BRIBE to you?

Screenshot_20170609-064730 (1)

Please note, “identifies” is Dr. Gregory Poland’s typo, NOT Marcella’s. The quotes around the word, “grant” indicate what? Those are Dr. Poland’s quotation marks as well. Is the “grant” not a real grant? Do the quotation marks indicate that its something else? Like a bribe? Indiana For Medical Freedom wants to know. This has been brought to the attention of Indiana’s Speaker Of The House, Brian Bosma two legislative sessions in a row. At the time of this blog post, we haven’t heard a word from him. Other lawmakers have indicated to us that it isn’t hard to see our lady lawmakers are aggressively courted in our legislature. Those same Representatives have also expressed to us that they’re “tired of being bullied” by the pharmaceutical lobby. A Senator expressed to us that “all we hear are from lobbyists” and “I wish I would have known before I voted for it.” , referring to SB162, a horrible bill that wanted to mandate 8 vaccines for healthcare workers that sailed through our Senate unopposed, but was later killed by citizens involved with Indiana For Medical Freedom in Summer Study session in October of 2016.

We believe this is a massive conflict of interest in our Statehouse, as Representative Cindy Kirchhofer is the current Chair of our Public Health Committee, who is responsible for hearing health bills in our House. If it conflicts with her sponsors’ interests, she certainly doesn’t have to hear it. She does try to hijack what gets heard during testimony, playing dirty tricks, as she calls bills LAST, in which there is a large opposition turn out, even though the bill was on the schedule FIRST, trying to limit our testimony after we respectfully listen to them banter and joke for HOURS, stroking each others egos, to 2 minutes each, and even attempted to tell us we can’t “discuss that language in this hearing.” , during SB51 Public Health Committee Hearing. However, we insisted and found a lawmaker that wrote the amendment we were requesting, which was accepted and passed.

Our dear Marcella nailed our Indiana General Assembly to the proverbial wall in this presentation and it’s our belief that they have much to answer for.

But will they?

Speaker, Brian Bosma can be reached here:  317-232-9677 | 1-800-382-9841 just in case anyone feels like asking for themselves what he has to say for the House he Speaks for. It’s also important to note that it’s The Speaker that appoints committee chair people. So, he absolutely needs to answer to this.

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