Shirt Ordering Information

We are excited to announce our new t-shirts!


We have decided to order t-shirts to represent ourselves when we go to the Statehouse, to the Children’s March on June 17th, and any other time and place we want to create awareness about Medical Freedom in Indiana.

Here is the link for our shirts:

Ordering is open until Sunday night June 11th.

Shirts can be picked up at their office or mailed to your home.

Purchase a shirt for yourself, your spouse, significant other, best friend, parents, in-laws, children, etc.


4 thoughts on “Shirt Ordering Information”

    1. We sure will! Keep an eye on the store in the coming weeks. πŸ™‚ If you haven’t already, put your email address into the “follow” box so that you will get an email alert each time we publish a new post- this is how you’ll know when we’ve added products to the Store as well as stay up to date on our events, legislative efforts, outreach efforts, etc.


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