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“Fearful. Helpless. Terrified. Restricted. Cornered.” Lelah Jerger Makes a Statement


With Parental Rights Under Siege in Indiana, Hoosiers Fight Back With Facts

Huntingsburg, IN- Advised by her attorney to refer any Indiana CPS calls to him, Lelah Jerger hangs up before finding out exactly what “refuted evidence” was given to CPS that made them close the case. But that’s what they said, “Due to refuted evidence your case file is being closed”.

If this is the first you’ve heard of the recent grab for parental rights in the Hoosier state, you can catch up hereherehereand here. We even issued a press release and respectfully demanded that CPS close this case. You can read that here. In part, it reads;

“Indiana For Medical Freedom condemns this overreach into the lives of thoughtful, loving and informed parents that are within their rights per Public Law 188, which allows the use of CBD Oil for seizures in Indiana. Indiana For Medical Freedom condemns any forced medical procedures, pharmaceuticals and biologicals in Indiana or anywhere else. Indiana For Medical freedom respectfully demands the Jergers’ CPS file be immediately closed and any and all medical decision rights be immediately returned to the parents, as we believe parental rights are fundamental and supreme.”

The Jergers and Indiana For Medical Freedom volunteer advocates were in constant communication with several Indiana State Senators. Indiana For Medical Freedom was asked for the Keppra package insert and we immediately complied. Is that the “refuted evidence”? The manufacturer’s own admission that this drug had never been tested as safe in anyone under age 6? Was it that the package insert was presented to our Governor, Eric Holcomb? Is that what assisted him in making the call for CPS to acquiesce to our demand and actually close the case? Because that’s exactly what happened.

Late Thursday night, September 28, 2017, we were updated by Lelah Jerger. Her Senator had just called to let her know that he’d just gotten off the phone with a CPS attorney and our Governor’s office and that CPS would no longer intervene. However, it took until Monday October 2, 2017 for a CPS representative to contact the family with this update. Apparently, CPS only acts quickly when there are parental rights to steal. Too harsh? Perhaps, but no less “harsh” than what the Jergers endured for a 13 day period. Read it for yourself.

Jerger statement.png

The Jerger’s attorney is waiting for an answer on exactly what the “refuted evidence” was, and we’ll update when we know more. We cannot say for sure what prompted our Governor to move swiftly in defense of the Jergers. This is rare; practically unheard of. Specific to Mrs. Jerger’s final paragraph about Jaelah coming from a long line of American Veterans, I’d like to acknowledge the “liberty warrior” that never enlisted; Lelah Jerger. Let her bravery, courage and strength in the face of fear encourage you all. It encourages all 2000 families that support Indiana For Medical Freedom. We stand in support of the Jergers and all families against a tyrannical government that seeks to usurp our fundamental right to govern our own children.

We thank the handful of Indiana Senators that stepped in at Jaelah’s defense, Governor Holcomb, all of the concerned citizens that contacted us to offer help, the media outlets that covered the story, and above all else, we thank God that custody and liberty was restored. We wish a lifetime of happiness to Jaelah Jerger and her family, and we hope this case sets a precedence in Indiana that parents are entitled to make medical decisions for their own children.

Huntingburg, IN Family Fights For Medical Rights For Their Daughter With Epilepsy

Indiana CPS Seizes Control Of Toddler’s Medical Care

Jergers Family.png


44 News, Evansville journalist, Jeff Goldberg broke the story here.  One of our over 2000 informed and thoughtful parents brought this to our attention yesterday, Sunday September 24, 2017.

Since that time, our organization has researched the forced pharmaceutical, Keppra and found several concerning issues. You can read the package insert yourself here. We found the following information:

  • Not approved for kids under age 6 (this “toddler” doesn’t even look 2 years old)
  • Only studied in 24 kids and they were all older than age 6
  • No one even knows how this drug works
  • All the double blind studies were done on adults
  • Contraindications include: “If you are worse on this drug, stop taking it”
  • Meant to be used in adjunct therapy (not primary)
  • Side Effects include: Renal Failure, suicidal thought and infertility (as the informed and concerned father mentions in the news article)

The parents will be setting up a crowd funding account that allows for donations for attorney fees. The goal is $5000. We will update this story with that link as soon as it is made available to us.

There is a t-shirt drive to help with costs as well. You can order your t-shirt here.


Our official statement and press release is as follows:

Indiana For Medical Freedom
Contact: Melissa Sfura, President and Co-Founder



Evansville, Indiana, September 25, 2017- An epileptic Evansville toddler’s medical care was taken over by Indiana CPS last week over a dispute in medical treatment.  The Jerger family seeks public support in reestablishing parental rights for their sick toddler, Jaelah despite cooperating with their physician.

Jade and Lehla Jerger, parents of Jaelah Jerger, say their daughter suffers from epilepsy and can have up to 100 seizures a day. KEPPRA, a common seizure medication was prescribed by a physician affiliated with Riley Hospital in Indianapolis, but according to Jaelah’s family, the medication did not reduce the number of daily seizures and, in fact, came with serious side effects that included trouble eating and sleeping and increased irritability. The family maintains they were cooperative with doctors and gave her the medication as prescribed.

According to the manufacturer package insert page for KEPPRA, this medication is not FDA approved for children under the age of 6 and is primarily used as an adjunctive therapy. Side effects can include: renal failure, infertility, suicidal thoughts and warns that those who worsen on this drug should cease taking it and talk to their physician.

Desperate to give their daughter some relief, Jaelah’s parents decided to try CBD oil, a somewhat new alternative treatment for epilepsy, in addition to the medication prescribed by her physician. CBD oil is  derived from the cannabis plant but is legal in the state of Indiana and does not require a prescription. Jaelah’s parents say her seizures decreased from 100 per day, down to around 2. Jaelah’s physician did not agree with this experimental treatment and called CPS, who removed Jergers’ rights to oversee their daughter’s medical care, citing medical neglect. Jaelah must submit to weekly tests to prove she is taking the prescribed medication. Noncompliance could result in Jaelah being removed from her home.

Now the Jergers are fighting the state to resume medical decisions on Jaelah’s behalf. Now under state care, Jaelah is being forced to take a medication that may not be best for her condition.

Source: Jeff Goldberg, 44 News, Evansville

Indiana For Medical Freedom condemns this overreach into the lives of thoughtful, loving and informed parents that are within their rights per Public Law 188, which allows the use of CBD Oil for seizures in Indiana. Indiana For Medical Freedom condemns any forced medical procedures, pharmaceuticals and biologicals in Indiana or anywhere else. Indiana For Medical freedom respectfully demands the Jergers’ CPS file be immediately closed and any and all medical decision rights be immediately returned to the parents, as we believe parental rights are fundamental and supreme.”

Additionally, we have been on the phone with the legislative assistant to an Indiana State Senator that is working on this important matter with many other State Senators.

The Jergers aren’t backing down. They’re within their legal rights. The use of CBD oil for seizures is legal, disagreeing with your doctor is legal, seeking a second opinion is legal. Forcing parents to give their children medication, treatments or procedures is something that Indiana For Medical Freedom opposes. Our support goes to the parents and we will rally behind them for whatever they need at this time. According to the “Justice for Jaelah” Facebook Page here and current GoFundMe (which we’ve advised will probably be taken down, because you can’t ask for donations for attorney fees), this all started when parents went against the recommendations of Riley Hospital in Indianapolis and severed the relationship. The hospital then reported the parents to CPS for “medical neglect”. CPS intervened on September 20, 2017. Parents are now supposed to submit to weekly blood draws at Memorial Hospital in Evansville, Indiana to prove they’re drugging their baby with medication never approved for her age. They’ve been advised by their attorney and State Senator to “proactively fight” CPS and Riley Hospital.

Stop Child Abuse In The Classroom. A Legal Challenge to Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Press Conference Announces Federal Effort to Challenge ESSA

Indiana Statehouse, Indianapolis, September 20, 2017

Update 9/21/17 3:58pm

There was confusion about the Executive Order number.

“EO 12866 was issued under the Clinton administration to create a process for making regulatory changes.   This EO was amended by Obama to change the regulations under FERPA and by-pass Congress.” ~Karen Bracken

This can be found on the Federal Register, Docket ID: ED-2011-OM-0002 

End of update.

Many of our followers are already aware that vigilant citizenry requires that we become the media. Since there was no media coverage of this newsworthy event, Indiana For Medical Freedom will gladly break this story.


Dr. Duke Pesta, Ph. D was the Master of Ceremony. Dr. Duke received his doctorate from Purdue University. “What’s going on in our public schools is shocking”, Dr. Duke begins. He goes on to explain that because of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), “We’re asking teachers, who have no real training in this kind of psychology, this kind of sociology to set aside their teaching of subjects like Math and Science, History and Reading, and to focus on behavioral issues that they are not qualified to address.”  Dr. Pesta then poses the question, “Who’s assessing them? Shouldn’t you, parents, as stakeholders be allowed to assess our teachers?”

It’s unclear at this time who exactly turned off the mic in The People’s House, but it is believed that it was the Indiana Department of Education, whose office the press conference was just outside of. Perhaps they disagreed with the message, and thought they had the authority to silence concerned citizens in their own house? As medical freedom fighters, our organization and others across the country are very used to this behavior from elected officials.

What citizens need to know is that your students’ formerly protected information is being shared with state agencies, other faculty and other parents. The reason is because the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) was gutted by Executive Order 12866 by our former President.


Graphic Source:

Indiana For Medical Freedom encourages all Medical Freedom groups to look into this matter. Talk to your members. We knew something was going on with FERPA because parents have been reporting to us that other parents are demanding all students be fully vaccinated. We’ve had parents that work at schools report that school nurses are discussing that it’s suspicious that parents are not sharing medical records with them, calling parents “lazy” for using Pull-Ups training diapers. Recently an Indiana school corporation school nurse announced to faculty that ALL parents of students, regardless of a diagnosis, would be reported to the Indiana Department of Child Services if the student had toileting issues. Another one of our parents came to the press conference yesterday and told Dr. Pesta that her 15 year old had come home from school and went searching through her parents’ private documents trying to find “what they lied to her about” because her teachers are openly discussing in the classroom that they’ve all been lied to by their parents. THIS is ESSA. The socio-emotional engineering of our children.

Dr. Pesta is promoting a legal challenge to ESSA and demanding that FERPA be restored. Concerned citizens and parents can register here, to be added to an email list to receive action items and updates on this federal effort. Indiana For Medical Freedom encourages everyone reading this article to do so.

Dr. Pesta’s team will be uploading video of yesterday’s press conference and we’ll update this post with the video, once it is released.



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Federal Effort Action Alert

Florida Congressman Needs Our Help

Bill Posey (R) Has Introduced H.R. 3615

Vaccinated vs Non-Vaccinated Total Health Outcome Study


Indiana For Medical Freedom hopes that Hoosiers will take a few moments to email, write or call your Federal Representatives, respectfully requesting they support Congressman Bill Posey (R) FL.

Our goals are simple:

1. Get cosponsors
2. Reach out to the Committee on Energy & Commerce to support the bill
3. Let our Reps know we want them to support HR3615 when it comes to the House floor

You can read the bill text here.

Find the Energy and Commerce members here.

If you’re not sure who your Representatives are you can enter your zip code to find out here.

We’d like to thank everyone for their action, support and unity on this very important matter. The issue of Vaccine Safety is a non partisan issue. It affects us all. Vaccine Injury does not care what religion you are, what your education level is, how large or small your home is, what’s in your wallet, what your socio-economic status is, what gender you are, what your sexual orientation is, what ethnicity you are, what political party you associate with. Many people believe that our non-vaccinated children are healthier than their vaccinated peers. If science matters, this is a study that MUST be conducted. We encourage everyone to insist that this study be conducted. Even the smallest action matters. Write a letter or make a phone call TODAY.



Indiana For Medical Freedom Advises the State of Indiana of Recent Federal Ruling Regarding Vaccines/SIDS

CONTACT: Melissa Sfura, President
Indiana for Medical Freedom



WASHINGTON, DC, AUGUST 23, 2017- The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Health Resources Services Administration, and the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, issued a ruling on July 10, 2017 in favor petitioners CHASE BOATMON & MAURINA CUPID, parents of J.B., deceased, v. SECRETARY OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES. The ruling states it is more likely than not that the DTaP vaccine was responsible for this infant child’s SIDS death on September 3, 2011. “J.B.”, was five months old when he received DTap*, IPV*, PCV*, HIB and Rotovirus vaccines during a well child doctor’s appointment on September 2, 2011.

“In this case, I have concluded, after review of the evidence, that it is more likely than not that the vaccines played a substantial causal role in the death of this child without the effect of which he would not have died. The role of inflammatory cytokines as neuro-modulators in the infant medulla has been well described and is likely the reason for a significant number of SIDS deaths occurring in conjunction with mild infection,” said Thomas Gowen, Special Master who issued the judgment.

Indiana For Medical Freedom urges Indiana leaders to continuously review the safety of these vaccines.  Previous cases of infant death following vaccination that have been ruled as “SIDS” should be re-examined as potential vaccine deaths. Additionally, this evidence should be reviewed prior to approving any legislation that would seek to mandate vaccines as a condition of employment or school attendance.

For more information about this case, please read:

*DTap is Diptheria, tetanus-acellular, pertussis
*IPV is inactivated polio
*PCV is pneumococcal conjugate
*HIB is haemophilus influenzae

Indiana Health Department Reports Rise in Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Cases

Do Facts Matter?

Fox59 reports

“INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana health officials investigating a surge in whooping cough cases are urging Hoosiers to take precautions to avoid the highly contagious bacterial infection.

The Indiana State Department of Health said Thursday that it’s confirmed 136 cases

of whooping cough, or pertussis, during the first half of 2017. That’s more than double the 66 cases recorded during the same period last year.

State health officials are encouraging parents to look for sings and symptoms of whooping cough, as it is most prevalent in children and highly contagious if not vaccinated.”

But what Fox 59 and other media outlets aren’t reporting is the vaccination status of those affected. That’s an important piece of information to leave out in a “News” article. Which makes this blogger wonder if this “reporting” is News or a pharmaceutical advertisement.

At the time of this writing I haven’t been able to locate any data on this “outbreak”. Fox 59 reports that “officials are investigating”, but it remains to be seen exactly what is being investigated? I encourage everyone to scour the comments on Fox59’s Facebook Page to see at least one parent reporting that her daughter had the vaccine and is currently battling the illness that took 2 months to diagnose because no one, not even Riley Hospital For Children thought to test for the illness because she’d been vaccinated.

This blog post will be updated as soon as I find the data that should be readily available for citizens.

Hoosiers Have Grave Concerns with Conflicts of Interest In Their Statehouse

“The Pharmaceutical Lobby Owns Our Statehouse”~Marcella Piper-Terry

In a 35 minute presentation given by Marcella, in Sonora, California on February 16, 2017, Marcella reveals that for nearly 50 years the FDA has had concerns about aborted fetal DNA, tissues and cells in vaccines that are on the recommended CDC vaccine schedule for babies and children. FDA concerns begin around the 21 minute mark here.

At around the 29 minute mark, former Indiana State Senator, Patricia Miller’s face appears in the presentation under the words, “Hypocrisy Much?”, here.


Marcella goes on to illustrate how hypocritical two pieces of Indiana legislation were and how many of our representatives voted in favor of both, and encouraged everyone to check out their legislators voting records and their campaign contributors. This writer would encourage you to ALSO look into organizations your lawmakers are affiliated with because…

These two…


are members (note: Senator Patricia Miller has retired) of Women In Government (WIG). WIG is an elite, lady lawmaker group, heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry.


Sponsors “scholarship” our lady legislators on all expense paid conferences, where they are wined and dined and “educated” by their sponsors at 5 star hotels and resorts, several times a year. They return and often write egregious legislation, paying no mind if it usurps the rights of their constituents.

Most states have WIG state Directors. The two pictured above are two of Indiana’s WIG State Directors. You can find your state’s WIG State Directors for 2016 here. At the time of this blog post, the 2017 roster is not yet posted on the WIG website. It’s unclear if it will be. The 2017 WIG State Director information can be found here.  Minus the actual list of their 2017 roster.

In January 2016 the WIG State Director’s Conference was in Tampa. It was then that this presentation took place.


“Vaccine Wars”? At least they declared it. We’ll simply answer to it, starting with a question. Does this look like a MILLION DOLLAR BRIBE to you?

Screenshot_20170609-064730 (1)

Please note, “identifies” is Dr. Gregory Poland’s typo, NOT Marcella’s. The quotes around the word, “grant” indicate what? Those are Dr. Poland’s quotation marks as well. Is the “grant” not a real grant? Do the quotation marks indicate that its something else? Like a bribe? Indiana For Medical Freedom wants to know. This has been brought to the attention of Indiana’s Speaker Of The House, Brian Bosma two legislative sessions in a row. At the time of this blog post, we haven’t heard a word from him. Other lawmakers have indicated to us that it isn’t hard to see our lady lawmakers are aggressively courted in our legislature. Those same Representatives have also expressed to us that they’re “tired of being bullied” by the pharmaceutical lobby. A Senator expressed to us that “all we hear are from lobbyists” and “I wish I would have known before I voted for it.” , referring to SB162, a horrible bill that wanted to mandate 8 vaccines for healthcare workers that sailed through our Senate unopposed, but was later killed by citizens involved with Indiana For Medical Freedom in Summer Study session in October of 2016.

We believe this is a massive conflict of interest in our Statehouse, as Representative Cindy Kirchhofer is the current Chair of our Public Health Committee, who is responsible for hearing health bills in our House. If it conflicts with her sponsors’ interests, she certainly doesn’t have to hear it. She does try to hijack what gets heard during testimony, playing dirty tricks, as she calls bills LAST, in which there is a large opposition turn out, even though the bill was on the schedule FIRST, trying to limit our testimony after we respectfully listen to them banter and joke for HOURS, stroking each others egos, to 2 minutes each, and even attempted to tell us we can’t “discuss that language in this hearing.” , during SB51 Public Health Committee Hearing. However, we insisted and found a lawmaker that wrote the amendment we were requesting, which was accepted and passed.

Our dear Marcella nailed our Indiana General Assembly to the proverbial wall in this presentation and it’s our belief that they have much to answer for.

But will they?

Speaker, Brian Bosma can be reached here:  317-232-9677 | 1-800-382-9841 just in case anyone feels like asking for themselves what he has to say for the House he Speaks for. It’s also important to note that it’s The Speaker that appoints committee chair people. So, he absolutely needs to answer to this.

US Centers For Disease Control Under Investigation

Our Lawmakers TRUST this agency

Indiana For Medical Freedom knows our lawmakers trust the CDC recommendations for our health. For two years we have attempted to bring awareness to the corruption and cover-ups that have been going on for years. We know the CDC cannot be trusted, but our Indiana General Assembly has been slow to recognize the problem.  We absolutely cannot allow our lawmakers to pass laws based on one-sided information they receive from a captured and corrupted regulatory agency.

Hopefully Congress will get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, we will continue to highlight the corruption here, NEVER giving them a pass. They will NEVER be able to say they didn’t know.

If you’d like to contact your representatives, you can find them here:

Email them the article (linked below) and let them know that the CDC can no longer be trusted with their recommendations and that Hoosiers will not allow it.


Mission Statement

During the 2015 Indiana General Assembly legislative session a bill was introduced that sought to remove Hoosiers’ Constitutional rights to opt out of a medical procedure to obtain and retain employment. We thought that was wrong, so we killed that bill.

Our diverse group united in 2015 and we became Indiana For Medical Freedom. Our volunteers are committed to the idea that we are entitled to decide what medical procedures we consent to as it pertains to our bodies and the bodies of our children. Our mission is to preserve our freedom so that we cannot be threatened or coerced into procedures that carry real risks. We believe parental rights are fundamental and supreme and that the government does not own our bodies or our minds, or those of our children.