Huntingburg, IN Family Fights For Medical Rights For Their Daughter With Epilepsy

Indiana CPS Seizes Control Of Toddler’s Medical Care

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44 News, Evansville journalist, Jeff Goldberg broke the story here.  One of our over 2000 informed and thoughtful parents brought this to our attention yesterday, Sunday September 24, 2017.

Since that time, our organization has researched the forced pharmaceutical, Keppra and found several concerning issues. You can read the package insert yourself here. We found the following information:

  • Not approved for kids under age 6 (this “toddler” doesn’t even look 2 years old)
  • Only studied in 24 kids and they were all older than age 6
  • No one even knows how this drug works
  • All the double blind studies were done on adults
  • Contraindications include: “If you are worse on this drug, stop taking it”
  • Meant to be used in adjunct therapy (not primary)
  • Side Effects include: Renal Failure, suicidal thought and infertility (as the informed and concerned father mentions in the news article)

The parents will be setting up a crowd funding account that allows for donations for attorney fees. The goal is $5000. We will update this story with that link as soon as it is made available to us.

There is a t-shirt drive to help with costs as well. You can order your t-shirt here.


Our official statement and press release is as follows:

Indiana For Medical Freedom
Contact: Melissa Sfura, President and Co-Founder



Evansville, Indiana, September 25, 2017- An epileptic Evansville toddler’s medical care was taken over by Indiana CPS last week over a dispute in medical treatment.  The Jerger family seeks public support in reestablishing parental rights for their sick toddler, Jaelah despite cooperating with their physician.

Jade and Lehla Jerger, parents of Jaelah Jerger, say their daughter suffers from epilepsy and can have up to 100 seizures a day. KEPPRA, a common seizure medication was prescribed by a physician affiliated with Riley Hospital in Indianapolis, but according to Jaelah’s family, the medication did not reduce the number of daily seizures and, in fact, came with serious side effects that included trouble eating and sleeping and increased irritability. The family maintains they were cooperative with doctors and gave her the medication as prescribed.

According to the manufacturer package insert page for KEPPRA, this medication is not FDA approved for children under the age of 6 and is primarily used as an adjunctive therapy. Side effects can include: renal failure, infertility, suicidal thoughts and warns that those who worsen on this drug should cease taking it and talk to their physician.

Desperate to give their daughter some relief, Jaelah’s parents decided to try CBD oil, a somewhat new alternative treatment for epilepsy, in addition to the medication prescribed by her physician. CBD oil is  derived from the cannabis plant but is legal in the state of Indiana and does not require a prescription. Jaelah’s parents say her seizures decreased from 100 per day, down to around 2. Jaelah’s physician did not agree with this experimental treatment and called CPS, who removed Jergers’ rights to oversee their daughter’s medical care, citing medical neglect. Jaelah must submit to weekly tests to prove she is taking the prescribed medication. Noncompliance could result in Jaelah being removed from her home.

Now the Jergers are fighting the state to resume medical decisions on Jaelah’s behalf. Now under state care, Jaelah is being forced to take a medication that may not be best for her condition.

Source: Jeff Goldberg, 44 News, Evansville

Indiana For Medical Freedom condemns this overreach into the lives of thoughtful, loving and informed parents that are within their rights per Public Law 188, which allows the use of CBD Oil for seizures in Indiana. Indiana For Medical Freedom condemns any forced medical procedures, pharmaceuticals and biologicals in Indiana or anywhere else. Indiana For Medical freedom respectfully demands the Jergers’ CPS file be immediately closed and any and all medical decision rights be immediately returned to the parents, as we believe parental rights are fundamental and supreme.”

Additionally, we have been on the phone with the legislative assistant to an Indiana State Senator that is working on this important matter with many other State Senators.

The Jergers aren’t backing down. They’re within their legal rights. The use of CBD oil for seizures is legal, disagreeing with your doctor is legal, seeking a second opinion is legal. Forcing parents to give their children medication, treatments or procedures is something that Indiana For Medical Freedom opposes. Our support goes to the parents and we will rally behind them for whatever they need at this time. According to the “Justice for Jaelah” Facebook Page here and current GoFundMe (which we’ve advised will probably be taken down, because you can’t ask for donations for attorney fees), this all started when parents went against the recommendations of Riley Hospital in Indianapolis and severed the relationship. The hospital then reported the parents to CPS for “medical neglect”. CPS intervened on September 20, 2017. Parents are now supposed to submit to weekly blood draws at Memorial Hospital in Evansville, Indiana to prove they’re drugging their baby with medication never approved for her age. They’ve been advised by their attorney and State Senator to “proactively fight” CPS and Riley Hospital.

7 thoughts on “Huntingburg, IN Family Fights For Medical Rights For Their Daughter With Epilepsy”

  1. What is wrong with this world anymore. If the cbd is working for this poor little girl. By all means let them B E able to give it to her. I totally agree a medicine that’s not suppose to be given to a two year old , is not the right choice … the drs have no right trying something that might work on an adult. Why ? Cause they happen to have a piece of paper. Let’s get real here. No one knows better then the parents what’s right for their child. Then proving it has worked is all the more reason to let them give it to her. This drug has never killled anyone by taking it. But drugs that drs have prescribed had killed plenty. Rant over !!


  2. My son has epilepsy, though not as bad as this little girl. He was put on keppra when he was 2. After a month, he had to be weaned off. It’s a terrible drug. He stopped eating and lost weight, wouldn’t sleep, became very aggressive and violent to me and his twin sister; it changed his personality completely. It shouldn’t even be on the market for children and government needs to get out of our families and let us raise our children and get them the treatments that help with the least harm.


    1. I am certain that we have the constitutional right to decide the upbringing of our child and not to have the government intervening in that right. It was my understanding that only the government or doctors -can in this case or cases like this one can overiide our right to make medical decisions for our child if they can show that no reasonable parent in the parents shoes would decline the medical care the doctors recommend for the child Certainly in your case may parents would decline the medical care the doctors are recommending if it is causing the child emotional problems and other symptoms to alleviate only two seizures a day. And who knows may the oil will over time alleviate those two seizures as well. Cures don’t often come all at once. I am fighting a similar situation with my adult child and clearly what I was doing was best but he was not gaining weight as the doctors claimed he should be forcing me to agree to a much worse condition but with their method of attempting to get a better and faster weight gain. He was fine taking it at his own pace but my husband who agreed to give him the medical care and I had to divorce and I get to see him only a few times a year supervised, I didn’t read all of your story but I will. I wish you the best – your child deserves it!


  3. Ashamed of the State of Indiana for partaking in violating our rights like this. If they come to my doorstep, they’d better beware that we don’t take lightly to our rights being violated, bullying, intimidation or hijacking of our parental practices that are in line with God. God be with you. We are in Pittsboro and will be dealing with Riley for an Autism evaluation. Aside from that, we are all natural and avoid toxic western medicine at all costs. Educate yourselves, People. God gave you a brain to survive and function without our government intervening. Praying for all involved!


    1. St Vincent’s Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital is another option and we’ve heard nothing but great things about them. 🙂 We’ve had several posts in our group with parents having no problems from doctors when they make decisions about their child’s care that is against the norm/against their doctor’s preference. They also have autism/developmental specialists who can make diagnoses. Best of luck with your family and please let us know how it goes and if you need anything from us!


      1. Thank you! I will call them tomorrow. I will also call Riley and let them know why I am cancelling. I think it’s important they know that the general public is onto them and I will post on FB (again) broadcasting my actions. Please let ME know if there is anything I can do to help your cause! God bless!


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