Pay It Forward Initiative

We at Indiana For Medical Freedom do not believe that money should be a barrier to information. We believe that everyone deserves access to our educational resources. The premise of this Initiative is simple…. those with the ability can donate into the Pay It Forward Initiative and then those who don’t feel they can comfortably afford to purchase educational materials from our Store can request a Pay It Forward credit to cover them. All we ask is that someday when you’re in a better financial position, you pay it forward to someone else in need.


»» To donate to the Pay It Forward Initiative, click here.

»» To request a Pay It Forward credit, click here.

»» To view the educational materials available for Pay It Forward credits, click here.

An enormous thank you to all of our donors for your willingness to spread truth and for not letting finances be a barrier to it. We all deserve the truth, regardless of our financial circumstances. By Paying It Forward we can help the truth spread like wildfire and stand up for the rights of ourselves and our children and make the world a better place for them!