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US Centers For Disease Control Under Investigation

Our Lawmakers TRUST this agency

Indiana For Medical Freedom knows our lawmakers trust the CDC recommendations for our health. For two years we have attempted to bring awareness to the corruption and cover-ups that have been going on for years. We know the CDC cannot be trusted, but our Indiana General Assembly has been slow to recognize the problem.  We absolutely cannot allow our lawmakers to pass laws based on one-sided information they receive from a captured and corrupted regulatory agency.

Hopefully Congress will get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, we will continue to highlight the corruption here, NEVER giving them a pass. They will NEVER be able to say they didn’t know.

If you’d like to contact your representatives, you can find them here:

Email them the article (linked below) and let them know that the CDC can no longer be trusted with their recommendations and that Hoosiers will not allow it.


Mission Statement

During the 2015 Indiana General Assembly legislative session a bill was introduced that sought to remove Hoosiers’ Constitutional rights to opt out of a medical procedure to obtain and retain employment. We thought that was wrong, so we killed that bill.

Our diverse group united in 2015 and we became Indiana For Medical Freedom. Our volunteers are committed to the idea that we are entitled to decide what medical procedures we consent to as it pertains to our bodies and the bodies of our children. Our mission is to preserve our freedom so that we cannot be threatened or coerced into procedures that carry real risks. We believe parental rights are fundamental and supreme and that the government does not own our bodies or our minds, or those of our children.

Shirt Ordering Information

We are excited to announce our new t-shirts!


We have decided to order t-shirts to represent ourselves when we go to the Statehouse, to the Children’s March on June 17th, and any other time and place we want to create awareness about Medical Freedom in Indiana.

Here is the link for our shirts:

Ordering is open until Sunday night June 11th.

Shirts can be picked up at their office or mailed to your home.

Purchase a shirt for yourself, your spouse, significant other, best friend, parents, in-laws, children, etc.