VIP Donor Program Terms of Service

We can’t officially call this a membership and we can’t have membership levels because of technical details that could lead you to believe you are a Board Member of our Organization. We also can’t call them dues. We can call them Fees but we don’t like that term either. So, we are calling this the VIP Donor Program.

Donations made through our VIP Donor Program allow us to cover our annual overhead/operating costs such as this website, domain registration, liability insurance, accounting costs, etc. Any money left after we cover our operating costs will go straight to events and programs that allow us to lobby for medical freedom bills, fund outreach efforts in the local community, and provide VIP Donor resources for you. None of the Board Members nor the Co-Founders receive a penny of compensation for the work we do. We want to make sure every dollar that’s donated goes straight to the programs that matter most. We want you to feel confident that your money is being spent in a way that makes the biggest difference in Indiana.

As a thank you for your generosity, enrollment in our VIP Donor Program earns you access to our VIP Donor resources that are not available to the public. These pages are password protected and only viewable to VIP Donors who have registered for one of the 4 Donor Levels shown on the registration page. These resources, as well as the other VIP Donor Perks, will expire 1 year from the date of sign-up. By renewing your donation, you will maintain access to this VIP content for another year AND you help us continue to reach and exceed our goals.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at BEFORE completing your VIP Donor Program registration. By registering you acknowledge that you agree to these Terms of Service.

***Donations made to 501(c)(4) Public Benefit/Social Welfare Organizations (such as ours) are NOT tax-deductible.