Testifying for SB74? Make sure to sign up early.

🧯📢📢📢EMERGENCY ALERT!!!!‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️Please READ for ALL who plan to testify in SUPPORT for SB74! Our opposition is running scared.

They WILL be at the hearing tomorrow. Representatives from the Indiana Immunization Coalition and the Indiana State Department of Health Immunization Division will be there to testify against the bill along with hospital groups. They have also put a call out for “professionals to testify in opposition.”

We need you to register at 7:00am to reserve you spot.


We need to be first in line to sign up. When you testify, it will be imperative that you maintain composure and stick with how a mandate would impact your family/lifestyle and FACTS. We should have a large turnout, and we need it! We all may not be able to testify but the numbers speak for themselves. Thank you for your dedication to this mission!

Indiana already has current law that allows health facility employees to opt out simply by saying NO. We must bring this same protection to all workers.

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