Sunday July 19 Rally at the State House

Living Liberty United, Stop Government Overreach, and some others are having a rally for freedom with a focus against the mask mandates. I don’t know the people involved in setting this up but I recognize some of the names.

Here’s a link to the event :

The amount of hate, physical attacks, and public shaming against those who aren’t wearing masks is just the beginning. Elected officials have openly called for people to shame non mask wearers into compliance. Anti mask is the new anti vax.

How do they turn people against each other? It’s apparently super, super easy. The government officials basically use the same fear based tactics that always work. Your mask doesn’t protect you, it protects the people around you. That way when you’re in a store without a mask, the person wearing a mask is afraid of you because they believe you can get them sick because their mask doesn’t protect them. It’s nothing new. It has worked extremely well for vaccination rhetoric. “My vaccine won’t work unless you get your vaccine to reach herd immunity.”

The mask mandate will quickly turn into a covid vaccine mandate. People are already used to obeying. Here’s a sample of a meme one of my now former Facebook friends shared in her newsfeed.

It’s not a mistake that people who want to have a choice about vaccines are being lumped together with people who want to have a choice about wearing a mask. This is all planned out. The media is hitting hard against anti maskers, elected officials are hitting hard against anti maskers. They’re so selfish and deadly. This rhetoric will immediately change when the covid vaccine comes out for anyone who refused to take it. I can see the headlines now.

Rallying is alright to do, but we also need to be setting up meetings (if your elected officials will or maybe via video) and we need to tell them a covid vaccine mandate is unacceptable. I’ll make another post later about the current vaccine trials and the adverse reactions, which seem to be plentiful.

Some colleges are talking about making a covid 19 vaccine mandatory. Indiana University is requiring employees to sign an agreement that says many things but what stood out was that the person signs they agree to abide by the recommendations and guidelines put out by the CDC. The CDC recommends an annual flu vaccination, and they will recommend a vaccine for covid-19 when it comes out. Some employees are concerned that if they sign to agree to follow all CDC recommendations that they may have trouble refusing a vaccine.

In the New York State Bar association there’s already talk of a forced covid vaccine for everyone with no exemptions. They tabled it so they can fully research law to make sure they can do it. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“some Americans may push back on the COVID-19 vaccination for religious, philosophical or personal reasons” but “for the sake of public health, mandatory vaccinations for COVID-19 should be required in the United States as soon as it is available.”

The only way we can win against this tyranny is if we’re large in number and we simply refuse to comply. We have thousands of people on our side. We just need them to get active.

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