Call to Action for Indiana Legislative Session TODAY.

Call the IN House at 317-232-9600 to request language be removed from HB 1066. Example of what to say: ” I want the amendment requiring that schools give parents information on the non-mandated meningitis vaccines to be removed from this bill. I support an amendment to remove this language. ”

If you have never called, it is very easy. The person who answers the phone will take your information and ask what bill you want to speak about. They are very kind. It is not hard or scary to do. You can also ask to speak directly to your Representative or their aide, and the person answering the phone can transfer you. It takes very little time and is so helpful.

HB 1066 will be open for an amendment to remove that language on Monday 1/27/2020 at 1:30. It will likely get a full vote on Tuesday. Please call straight away on Monday. It also requires schools to recommend that students get this non-mandated vaccine! Schools are not your physician. That is not their job to be to forced to tell parents to get a specific vaccine.

Here is a list of all the phone numbers of each Representative. You may call each one to tell them that you support an amendment to remove the vaccine language. That language was slid in last minute with an amendment to unrelated bill HB 1066 . The committee took vote by consent, so they did not even do a roll call vote to allow the amendment requiring schools to give the vaccine information.

ALSO Call 317-232-9400 to oppose SB 185. This bill is in the Senate. It has language that will mandate the full recommended schedule for all dogs and cats that are sold in Indiana at any time during their lifespan. Charges can be filed against anyone who does not follow the full vaccine schedule if they sell a dog or cat. For example, if you rehome a pet for $20, you have to ensure that the pet is fully vaccinated with the full schedule (not just the rabies vaccine), or you are selling an “unsafe” illegal pet. The court can fine $500 for the first violation, $1000 for the 2nd violation, and it goes up from there.

Senator Ron Alting refused to remove the vaccine mandate portion of the bill. He is amending the bill on Monday to also require all animal shelters and rescues to follow the full vaccine pet schedule before selling a rescue pet.

Purdue vets are behind this bill. He does not allow for titer testing results to be used. It is only the full recommended schedule, which of course will add more vaccines once this mandate passes. Despite several constituents calling him, he is only wanting to listen to the vets pushing the bill. It did not make a difference to share a Purdue study showing the autoimmune conditions that were shown to be caused in vaccinated dogs that did not occur in unvaccinated dogs. The main goal here seems to be the massive profits to be gained by fully vaccinating every single dog and cat in Indiana with every single recommended shot. $$$

This bill will have 2nd reading on Monday 1/27/2020 at 1:30pm. It will likely get a full vote on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

You can also call each Senator. Their phone numbers are listed on the following document:

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